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4-Week Hybrid Course + Weekly 1:1 Coaching


I see you over there with the big dream...


You know in your heart the impact you want to create in the world but it feels so far away.


You know deep down that it's possible but you keep hitting roadblocks that make you feel like it's never going to happen. 

When you start to take action you feel like an imposter and think "Who am I to do this..." 

You find yourself in the compare and despair trap and it seems like everyone else has it figured out.

You have some BIG goals, you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck.


You're ready to break through what's been holding you back and create some forward momentum!

I want you to know that if the dream is in your heart- It is for YOU. 100%


Somewhere along the way, you started believing lies about who you were and what was possible for you. Life happened and you lost some of your confidence. 

I'm here to help you get it back. 

It's time to rewrite your story and begin a new one! A new story, where you get to be the hero for yourself and others because you decided to SHOW UP and play all out! 

I cannot wait to watch you step into being the bold confident woman you were created to be. 

It is simpler and closer than you think! 

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"My first month in Level Up I hit the biggest financial month in my business! My business has just kept growing from there."

- Kelly E.

"Level Up helped me realize that I was the only one stopping myself. It's really helped me step into the version of myself that I needed to be to have success in my business" 

- Sarah B.

"Having the accountability was huge and I really valued that the tools provided in Level Up were tools that I could continue to use on my own."

-Kelly B.


Meet your coach

Heidi is a certified coach with expertise in helping you step beyond limitations, heal your past, grow your confidence, and fully embrace who you've come here to BE.


She uses proven science-based methods for lasting transformation along with teaching you the strategic steps you need to take in order to level up your life, business, and relationships while staying present, balanced, and true to yourself.

She is married to her best friend and fellow coach, Ryan. They live in Spokane, Washington, have two children together, and own a successful residential painting company.

Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach

Certified Quantum Living Coach

Founder of The Bliss Space Women's Community 

Host of Beauty in the BEing Podcast (Launching Fall 2021)

Here's a sneak peek...

Week 1: 

Create Confidence

Building a strong belief in yourself and your business is key to reaching your goals. If your confidence in either area has been lacking, your business is being impacted. Let's get you back on the path to unshakable confidence!

Week 2:

Clarify & Strengthen Your Vision

Gain massive clarity and focus around your big vision but also exactly who your ideal client is and how you can most effectively communicate with and serve them.

Week 3:

Remove the Roadblocks

This is a game-changer! Let go of the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and stories that have held you back from fully showing up in your business. Develop the mindset to keep going even when things get challenging. 

Week 4:

Level Up Your Productivity

Manage your day like a boss! Learn how to recognize when you may be self-sabotaging your output + how to stop. Discover productivity hacks that will keep you from wasting time and energy on the wrong things so you can start making a bigger impact and income!

What's included?


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this program cover?

Each week we will be diving into a topic that will help you create confidence, rewrite any limiting stories, clarify your vision, makeover your mindset, become more productive, and get into action so that you can make a greater impact!

How do the coaching calls work?

You will be able to book your weekly coaching sessions using the scheduling link provided inside the course login area. On these calls, we will discuss any questions you have about the module of the week and coach around what's coming up for you in your life/ business. 

I'm in MLM is this a good fit for me?

Yes! If you have a business that you want to level up, this is a good fit for you! This program is great for, independent sales reps,  solopreneurs, network marketers, direct sales, makers, and creatives.

I’ve already got a lot going on, will there be homework?

Each week there will be a new module with videos to watch and you'll also get tools and worksheets you can dive into at your own pace.  You will also get one 1:1 or group coaching session via Zoom (depending on the option)  per week.


Group Option


Perfect for Teams & Small Groups!


✔Lifetime Access to All Modules

✔ 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

✔ Level Up Workbook with Templates and Worksheets

✔ Bonus 30-Day Planner + Evening Journal


✔ 90-Day Business Action Plan

Bonus Lifetime Access to 30+ Breathwork + Meditation Lessons


Investment $399

Per Participant 


*You will get instant access to all modules and materials. Coaching cohorts will form when there are 4+ participants ready to form a group. 

Private 1:1 Option


✔ Lifetime Access to All Modules 

✔ 4 Weekly 1-Hour 1:1 Private Coaching Calls with Individual Support 

Email Support Between Sessions

✔ Level Up Workbook with Templates and Worksheets

Bonus 30-Day Planner + Evening Journal


✔ 90-Day Business Action Plan

Bonus Lifetime Access to 30+ Breathwork + Meditation Lessons

Investment  $799


Enrollment is Open


I'm not going to shout at you that  "doors are closing soon" or "there are just 2 more spots left"...


Just get started when you are ready to commit to doing the work.


Ready to dive in?